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Benefits of your first bike tour!

You don´t cycle and you haven´t think about the idea of a bike tour experience? Maybe you have the wrong idea that this is for avid riders that cycle all day on road bikes, wearing lycra and sweating….but bike tours aren´t like that (note: some are). You should consider do a cycling trip and there are some reasons for that:

  • A ride will help you sleep better when you get back to your bed and with this adventure experience you can develop a positive addiction 😊, make new friends and have a happy week! In a bicycle tour it is possible to visit a place free from stressful traffic and driving. That is possible because our guides know the area so you will benefit from their experience. No rush, no schedules to arrange. Your luggage will be collected every day, your accommodations are booked, your bikes are ready. Just wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and with your bike enjoy the day!

Benefits of your first bike tour!

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Founded in 2013, Top Bike tours Portugal is a company with experience in pedestrian and cycling tours in the city of Porto and long distance cycling routes to the north of the Iberian Peninsula and all around Portugal.

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