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Pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela have their origins in the discovery of the tomb of the apostle St. James the Greater in the 9th century. Since then, people from all over the world have pilgrimaged to Santiago along the Camino to venerate the saint.

Today, the Camino de Santiago is not just a pilgrimage for the faithful or believers, but a journey made by the beauty of the landscapes and the challenge of the route.

We offer you the chance to cycle the Camino Santiago along the coast: not only is it an experience of immersion in nature that allows you to discover new places, but it also has obvious advantages for your health and well-being, with a minimal ecological footprint.

This coastal path has another advantage: it's right by the ocean. To the green of nature is added the taste of the sea. Wonderful, isn't it? The Portuguese coastal path has some very special stages. Come and see them on our Portugal bike tours itineraries. 

Cycling routes along the Camino da Costa in Portugal

The two routes we are proposing for the Camino of Santiago along the coast by bike start in Porto, where we will spend the first day, and then cycle through these stages:

7 days/8 nights tour

Porto - Esposende (60 km)

Esposende - Caminha (50 km)

Caminha - Baiona (40 km)

Baiona - Pontevedra (64 km)

Pontevedra - Caldas de Reys (26 km)

Caldas de Reis - Santiago de Compostela (40 km)

8 days/9 nights tour

Porto – Esposende (60 km)

Esposende – Caminha (50 km)

Caminha – Baiona (40 km)

Baiona – Vigo (25 km)

Vigo – Pontevedra (39 km)

Pontevedra – Caldas dos Reis (26 km)

Caldas dos Reis – Santiago de Compostela (40 km)

Discovering the hidden treasures of the Portuguese coastline

On the second day of this tour, the ride from Porto to Esposende sets off on the Portuguese Coastal Path. On the first day of this Coastal Path, we ride through several traditional fishing villages and seaside landscapes.

A coastal tour, but also a cultural and gastronomic one, with obligatory stops at Póvoa do Varzim and Vila do Conde. Believe me, this coast is full of good surprises.

On the third day of this Coastal Path and the chapter "Portuguese coastal path, stages to be covered", we will pass through Viana do Castelo, a city with great links to Portuguese history. 

During the 14th and 15th centuries, the ships that set sail on Portuguese maritime explorations were built here.  

We'll arrive in Caminha, a town intrinsically linked to nature and the ocean, where the River Minho flows, providing a beautiful setting.

Tips for a safe and enjoyable walk along the Coastal Path

First of all, you must be in full health to do this ride. As far as training is concerned, in the weeks leading up to the ride, you should gradually increase the intensity and distance of your bike rides.

When riding, you should always take the Highway Code into account. You should pay attention on descents, watch out for obstacles and stay hydrated. 

You should also share your location, whenever possible, with family and friends, keeping in touch, a particularly useful piece of advice when cycling in more remote areas.

Planning and preparation for bike routes on the Camino da Costa
You can rely on us to help you prepare your Portuguese coastal route. Top Bike Tours Portugal was founded in 2013 and is run by tourism professionals with extensive knowledge of the area.

Attractive itineraries along the Portuguese coast

n addition to the Santiago coast route, where we will leave from Oporto and pass through Esposende, Viana do Castelo and Caminha, Top Bike Tours Portugal has other packages for tours of the Portuguese coast, namely the Silver Coast and Atlantic Coast, from Figueira da Foz to Cascais; the Silver Coast, from Oporto to Coimbra; and the Vicentine Coast, from Lisbon to Lagos.

Equipment and safety for a peaceful walk along the Coastal Path

We know that during the Portuguese coastal path, in the stages up to Santigo de Compostela, the weather conditions can vary. Take clothing in layers so that you can adapt your wardrobe as necessary. 

When cycling, wear technical clothing, suitable for cycling, with materials that absorb sweat and offer comfort. Don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses and suitable footwear. Last but not least, take a helmet and gloves. Your equipment should have colors that stand out for better visibility on the road.

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