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Why would you visit Portugal?

Portugal has been progressively cementing itself as a country worth visiting and recognized by UNESCO world heritage list. With each passing visit, more news spread to the international community of the wonders that this country contains, from the widely known coastal cities, like Porto and Lisbon, up to the less known confines of this historical and ancient land, that is Portugal.

It is a very old country, in fact the first in Europe to have its current borders defined. This gave the country an immense time to strengthen its culture and even to explore the unknown, by setting sail to the sea. Such a wonderful gastronomy couldn’t have appeared out of thin air. Both from the sea or land, the food in Portugal is known for its rich backgrounds and excellent taste, changing what it is served to you, with every new region you visit.

By being close to the tropics, Portugal has a very temperate climate. Not every region in the country is capable of getting bellow freezing temperature. The ones that do, they are very close to the north edge of the country, or high up in the mountains. The mediterranean influence on the country’s weather makes it perfect for cycling during the big majority of the year. If you like clear and sunny days to enjoy your ride, that is definitely something Portugal has to offer.

Why would you do it in a bicycle?

Whether or not you are a bicycle lover, it is undeniable the fact that more and more people are choosing bike tours as a viable and wonderful way of visiting the country. A bicycle can give you the perfect trade off between speed, that you go at, and time, that it gives you to appreciate every inch of land that you cover. A bicycle takes you to the moment. It makes you actively engage with the task at hand, forcing you to be aware of your surroundings, and making you appreciate more all and every place you go through. A bicycle can also take you to wonderful feelings of accomplishment. It is not uncommon that newcomers to the art of cycling several miles a day, get to know their true potential and capabilities, and, lets face it, who doesn't enjoy knowing how they fare against new challenges and adventures?

Why would you be part of a self bike tour or a guided bike tour?

Portugal has been evolving in many areas. Cycling is one of them. The coast line is now full of different bicycle tracks and in the interior of the country, many old railroads are being converted into bicycle tracks too. Even though this is a growing reality, there are many areas with no bicycle trails. This is one of the areas where we can more than help you. We can tell you where to go, where to go from and what roads or trails to take.

One of the biggest concerns for most bikers is traffic. We make sure that you can enjoy your experience, by dealing the least possible with any road traffic. We choose the best secondary roads and cycling paths whenever they exist, so that you can enjoy your ride, without being worried with any constant and fast incoming vehicles. These roads also make for more scenic views, as opposed to the constant cars and houses, typical of the main roads.

By joining a bike tour, you can relax completely, by being confident that everything was arranged for you. All you need is the will to enjoy your ride and experience it the best you can.

Credits: Henrique Vareta

Henrique text about cycling in POrtugal

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