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Why choose a guided bicycle tour?

Why choose a guided bicycle tour?

Just think in the troubles you will find to organize a bike tour on your own. Find a store to rent a bicycle? Bring your own bike? How can I transport the bicycle on the flight? And if I have a trouble with my bike, I am prepared to fix it?

Now think about planning hotels and restaurants! Losing your time seraching on the web for the best options. What dish should I choose?

And the route? How can you design a good route without traffic, or low traffic?

Don´t trouble yourselve with all this issues and contact us. We have all organized for your wonderfull week bike tour.

Why choose a guided bicycle tour?

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Founded in 2013, Top Bike tours Portugal is a company with experience in pedestrian and cycling tours in the city of Porto and long distance cycling routes to the north of the Iberian Peninsula and all around Portugal.

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