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Clean & Safe: Requirements to comply with

Considering the widespread concern in the resumption of economic and social activity as soon as the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic allows, Turismo de Portugal created a “Clean and Safe” stamp of approval to distinguish tourist activities which are compliant with hygiene and cleaning requirements for the prevention and control of COVID-19 and other possible infections.

Top Bike tours Portugal is a "Clean and Safe" establishment.

clean and safe bike tours in portugal

Internal training and establishing procedures to all staff:

Our staff has been informed and/or trained specifically about the following matters:

  • Internal protocol regarding the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.
  • How to follow the basic precaution measures and infection control regarding the Coronavirus Covid-19 procedures as follows:
  • Hand sanitation: Frequently washing hands with water and soap, for at least 40 seconds or using hand disinfectant with at least 70º alcohol, covering every surface in both hands and rubbing them until dry.
  • Respiratory protocol: cough or sneeze into your flexed forearm or use a paper tissue, that should immediately be thrown into the garbage; Hand hygiene after coughing or sneezing and blowing your nose; avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with hands.
  • Social Conduct: Change the frequency and ways of contact within the staff and between staff and clients, avoiding (whenever possible) any close contact, handshakes, kissing, shared workspaces, presential meetings and sharing food, utensils, glasses and towels.
  • How to follow through with daily self-monitorization to assess fever (measure body temperature twice a day and register the results' value and timing), verifying any cough or difficulty while breathing.
  • How to follow "Direcção Geral da Saúde"'s guidance for sanitation of all surfaces and washing of clothes used in our establishments.

Information to all clients:

All clients are informed of the following information:

  • How to uphold basic precautions and infection control regarding the coronavirus outbreak.
  • What is the internal protocol regarding the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic

The establishment has:

  • Individual protection equipment in sufficient number for all the staff involved in the activities.
  • Individual protection equipment for clients (maximum capacity of the groups)

The internal cleaning and sanitation protocol insure:

  • Washing at high temperatures of all the clothes and other accessories worn in the activities (towels, cycling gear), for all the staff and clients (at around 60ºC).
  • Supplying alcohol-based hand sanitation, whenever it is justified, to the participants in all activities.
  • Sanitization or disinfection of all the equipment used, after each activity, according to the rules applied to each type of equipment.
  • Sanitization or disinfection of all transports used, after each activity, and according to the rules applied to each type of transport equipment.

The service organization assures:

  • Maintenance of social distancing between participants in all activities, according to the recommendations of the "Direcção Geral da Saúde".
  • Maximum occupation of the transports used in the activities, according to the recommendations of the "Direcção Geral da Saúde".
  • The distribution of information regarding the activities, preferably using digital/online platforms.
  • Following internal sanitization and safety protocols by partners involved in the activities.
  • That a responsible member of the staff is ready to put in place the procedures in case of suspicion of infection (accompany the client with symptoms to the isolation space, provide him with the necessary assistance and contact the National Health Service).
  • The storage of all the residue produced by the client that is suspected of being infected are stored in a plastic bag that, after sealed, should be placed apart and sent to a licensed operator to manage hospital residues with biological hazard.

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