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Bike tours in Portugal

Although our country is small, it stands out for its immense diversity. 

Each region has something truly unique to share with its visitors. Even within each region, the diversity is impressive. 

What this reality produces is the ease with which you can explore this variety of geographical, cultural and natural environments in the blink of an eye - or on a trip with electric bikes.

Bike tours Portugal are an original way to explore the country.

Bike tours make it possible to explore the country kilometer by kilometer, get to know new landscapes, capture the essence of each place and have an experience that is not only adventurous, but also profound, in the real country.

Using an electric bicycle in Portugal is a good option for this experience. Why is that?

Benefits of Exploring Portugal by Electric Bike

Portugal has magnificent places to use the best electric bikes: ecotracks, cycle paths, roads and trails in some of the country's most beautiful spots. 

And they can be found in so many different places and environments, from the charm of the Lima River to the captivating landscapes of Mira, through the unique atmosphere of Porto de Mós to Várzea da Rainha. 

From the pictorial São Pedro de Moel by the sea, contrasting with the vibrant Costa da Caparica and the variety of Setúbal, set between the ocean, the mountains and the river, through the serenity of the landscapes of Ponta Delgada and Porto Santo, to the country's major cities, Lisbon and Porto.

Cycling by electric bike in Portugal is particularly recommended on the Ecopista Ramal de Mora (Alentejo), the Ecopista do Dão (Beira), the Rota Vicentina (Algarve / Alentejo), the Ciclovia do Guincho - Cascais (Extremadura), the Ecovia do Litoral (Algarve) and the Ecopista do Sabor (Trás-os-Montes).

Connecting with Culture and Nature in a Sustainable Way

Cycle tourism and electric bikes allow us to immerse ourselves in culture and nature in a way that would be impossible by car. 

It allows us to pedal, but also to stop, look, feel, eat and experience the best that each place has to offer: the people, landscape, food and monuments. 

At the same time, electric bikes in Portugal have, like everywhere else, advantages when compared to the car. 

The best electric bikes are a low-carbon transportation option.

The Advantages of Using Electric Bicycles for Tourism

In addition to reducing their ecological footprint, electric bikes have other advantages: their energy can be generated from renewable sources, which contributes to cleaner energy. 

The best e-bikes are also inclusive in that they make the activity accessible to more people, regardless of their age or physical condition.

Discovering Lisbon by Electric Bike

Electric bikes in Lisbon are a good way to pedal around the city and enjoy its cosmopolitan pulse. 

With seven hills and plenty of places to ride electric bikes, it's possible to cycle all over the city. We share two central hubs for using electric bikes.

Innovative Tourist Routes in Lisbon with Electric Bicycles

Currently, you can cycle on a bike path from Vila Franca de Xira to Cascais, a route that stretches over 60 kilometers. 

But you don't have to go that far to enjoy the advantages of electric bikes in Lisbon: the route between Algés and Parque das Nações is worth a ride. 

Always alongside the River Tagus, it passes through the tourist areas of Belém and Terreiro do Paço, until it enters a charming industrial area between Santa Apolónia and Poço do Bispo, then passes through the new Parque Ribeirinho Oriente, before reaching the Expo area.

Another possible route for using electric bikes in Lisbon is to head inland, from Restauradores, in Baixa, to the area where the new Praça de Espanha is being built and where the Gulbenkian Garden stands out, passing by Avenida da Liberdade and Marquês do Pombal. From these two routes you can take several others.

Tips for Navigating Lisbon Safely and Efficiently by Electric Bike

As the Lisbon City Council website advises in the section of its website dedicated to the cycling network: be a responsible cyclist; respect road users; ride in the direction of traffic; ride on the right; wear a helmet and gloves.

 At night, use spotlights, reflective vests and brightly colored clothing; don't use headphones or cell phones; always give priority to pedestrians; ride defensively.

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