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Downtown and Sightseeing bike tour

Ride on the suburban areas, urban history, gardens and other green areas are to be taken in this scenic bike tour. For those who enjoy riding a bike , we provide a visit throughout the longest avenue of Porto. You will encounter greenside places; urban palaces, relating to the 19th and 20th Centuries; opulent cottages; a city park; museums and the outstanding sea landscape. Lovers of running and biking also ensure a fantastic view in this dynamic city tour.


At the beginning of the bike ride we will leave the city center which is conditioned by some car traffic and people. Then we will continue quietly by the river and the sea.

In the final stretch, keep in mind that we will ride on the biggest avenue in Oporto, where the traffic will be noticed more and also the climbs.

Tour detail:

  • Departures: 10h00 and 14h30
  • estimated time: 3h00
  • All year
  • Meeting point: Rua do Alferes Malheiro, 139 ( Top Bike tours portugal Store)
  • Minimum participants: 2


Visit with a tour guide in the respective dialects: Portuguese, English, Spanish. The tour includes a short break of 20m.

A liability insurance and personal accident insurance are included in the tours.

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Meeting point for the begining of the Tour
Avenida dos Aliados
Starting the tour we will be passing right in the heart of Porto in the direction of the river Douro.
Palacio da Bolsa
Here the travelers will be able to see the "Palacio da Bolsa" and the Hard Club. You will also know about one of the most important Portuguese personalities related to the exploration of the oceans.
Igreja de Sao Francisco
An impressive gothic church down by the river area.
Farol-Capela de S. Miguel-O-Anjo
Almost unnoticeable lies this small structure, being the first renaissance building in the entire country and even one of the oldest in Europe.
Fortress Sao Joao Baptista
An impressive structure down by the meeting point between the river Douro and the Atlantic Ocean.
Praia do Molhe
Enjoy the ocean view and the environment surrounding you, before starting to head back to the inner city again.
Parque da Cidade do Porto
The only city park with a direct connection to the beach. This is an idyllic place, with two lakes, gooses and the migrating birds that visit the area from time to time
Jardim da Rotunda da Boavista
If you had no clue that Napoleon ordered the invasion of Portugal during the Napoleonic wars, here is your chance.
Igreja de Sao Martinho de Cedofeita
Considered the oldest church in the city, it is not entirely sure as to when it was built. Historians suggest that it might have been build around the 5th or 6th centuries. The one that you can see today tho, dates back to the ending of the 11th century.
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